Client campaigns


TUI Reisen for VisitScotland

The Brief: Making Scotland more attractive to german tourists in 2017 utilising online channels

The Clients: VisitScotland, TUI Reisen, DFDS, Border Railways

The Solution: The 2017 Visit Scotland Solus Campaign in Germany is an inspirational, content driven campaign promoting different articles and videos online to entice customers to visit Scotland in 2017.

My insights: I supported the target group analysis and defined main characteristics, like ‚German tourists like their itineraries‘ and ‚German tourists connect Scotland to fairytales‘. In the next step I was provided with various pictures of Scotland’s sights and landscapes and wrote 2-3 part slogans matching to 2-3 part images. All together I created 6*2 TUI Reisen Banner Ads, 2*2 DFDS Banner Ads, 1*2 Border Railways Banner Ads and various retargeted executions for either of the above.

Banner ads will go live throughout the first half of 2017.

Expedia Hawaii

The Brief: Making Hawaii more attractive for Scottish tourists and ultimately increase bookings for Expedia

The Client: Expedia

The Solution: https://discoveryouraloha.expedia.com Discover Your Aloha – Microsite that’s all about Hawaii and your Aloha

My insights: I did research on Hawaii and their culture and came up with various insights, like ‚the word Aloha has different meanings: It can mean a happy greeting, a loving see-you-later and a sweet farewell‘ and was named one of the ‚Happiest states in America‘ (= high well-being). Based on these insights the creative team came up with the idea of creating a video, that detects your smile by utilising the newest facial recognition technology.

Expedia Norway

The Brief: Making Norway more attractive for Scottish tourists and ultimately increase bookings for Expedia

The Client: Expedia

The Solution: Microsite showing Norway’s beauty by telling the story of two Norwegian brothers Odd&Even

My insights: I did research on Norway and their culture and came up with various insights, like ‚Odd and Even are common names for boys in Norway‘ and ‚Norway was ranked the world’s #1 country in the 2014 Prosperity Index for wealth and well-being‘. Together with the creative team the idea of two brothers, named Odd and Even, was created. The idea was presented to the client and he has taken it a step further.

Heathrow Airport

The Brief: Social Bootcamp with best practices for all employees in the Marketing department

The Client: Heathrow Airport

The Solution: 450-slide presentation about social channels, best and worst industry practices and tipps for Heathrow Airport social channels

My insights: I summarised the main advantages and disadvantages of Social Channels, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. I also listed examples, best- and worst practices in the aviation industry and identified main strategies of competitors. Finally, I supported a Senior Strategist to come up with tipps for Heathrow’s social channels and created the final ppt.


The Brief: In 2017 Investec plans to launch a new Website for Structured Products and therefore asked our team to come up with a full analysis of their current Website

The Client: Investec

The Solution: Full Content Audit for Investec Structured Products Webpage

My insights: I created a Content Audit template with a collection of all page sources and contents. I analysed all pages and noted my first impression in terms of usability, accessibility and comprehensibility. In the next step, I supported the team to identify the main target audience for the Webpage and conduct user sessions.


The Brief: AXA reached out to our team for consulting of their UK social channels

The Client: AXA

The Solution: Social Content Audit for AXA UK Social Channels

My insights: I created a Social Content Audit template with a collection of all post sources and contents. I analysed all posts on two main social channels: Facebook and Twitter and came up with a first list of improvements. Together with a Senior Strategist I then created a final document with a Status-Quo analysis, final improvements for each channel and example posts.


The Brief: Vulnerable customers need extra care, especially online. Lloyds asked us what they can do to support them.

The Client: Lloyds

The Solution: A presentation on Vulnerable customers and tipps on how to support them online

My insights: I did research on vulnerable customers and how other banks support them online. I summarised my findings in a final document and also wrote a blog post about it. This was one of my first tasks as an intern before I got promoted to a Junior Strategist.

Link to Blog Post: http://www.realise.com/blog-old/2016/7/28/6-tips-for-supporting-vulnerable-customers-online

Pitch Work

Not On The Highstreet (NOTHS UK)

Pitch: For their Creative Partner Agency in 2017, including various campaigns

My Part: I used Global Web Index to create different target audiences and analysed their online behaviours and attitudes. I also did research on Not On The Highstreet and their competitors, like Etsy. I summarised my research and supported the team to create the final presentation.

Won the pitch in 09/2016

La Perla

Pitch: For their Creative Partner Agency in 2017, including various campaigns

My Part: I used Global Web Index to create different target audiences and analysed their online behaviours and attitudes. I also went out to two department stores and interviewed employees at the point of sale about purchase behaviours and what drives different audiences to choose a fragrance. I summarised my findings and supported the creative team to create the final pitch deck.

Won the pitch in 11/2016


Pitch: To promote two well-known BBC series, Masterchef and The Island with Bear Grylls

My Part: I used Global Web Index to create different target audiences and analysed their online behaviours and attitudes. I did a survey with all agency employees and created some first assumptions on watching behaviour and motivations. I supported the creative team to create the final pitch deck.

Still pending (Status November 2016) 

The Scottish Government

Pitch: Government framework Tender

My Part: I supported the team to write a Planning and Strategy Tender for the Scottish Government Framework.

Still pending (Will be released Mid 2017) 

University campaigns

YCN Student Awards Winner

THE BRIEF: Educate younger audiences on the advantages of GAP Denim online and on Social Media

THE IDEA: Drawing inspiration from authentic and diverse ideas, cultures and beliefs, the GAP interactive lookbook allows the audience to experience San Francisco in 1969.

GAP was founded in 1969 in San Francisco, USA. GAPs roots epitomise American culture and denim-loving music muses. The GAP customer wants to be part of an inclusive and boundary-less world that takes inspiration from authentic and diverse ideas, cultures and beliefs.

Creative Concept:
An interactive GAP lookbook that takes customers to San Francisco in 1969. By clicking on clothes users will be forwarded to the online shop and are informed about current GAP Denim trends. Furthermore little extras, like sending real-life individualised postcards and creating an own bandana will be included. Social Media platforms will promote the launch and instore and ambient promotions will take place at the same time (posters from 1969 in store, sell vinyls with GAP 1969 songs, virtual reality glasses in store).

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

IPA Greener Scotland Awards Winner

THE BRIEF: Encourage people in Scotland to adopt behaviours that will reduce their carbon footprint.

THE IDEA: -The 150- will habituate greener behavior through a nomination chain, that is fun and meaningful, while also offering financial rewards

All based on a Website and also available as an App. 

According to Malcolm Gladwell movements start with 150 people. Wesley realized that if you want to bring a fundamental change in people’s belief and behaviour, a change that would persist and serve as an example to others, you needed to create a community around them, where those new beliefs could be practiced and expressed and nurtured. 

A small change of an individual can make a big difference in a community. Supporting the fun aspect of building a community and offering incentives (points – cash in to real life shopping vouchers). I created the following video to explain the idea:


Amnesty International

THE BRIEF: Make Amnesty International more attractive to 18-26 years old 

THE IDEA: -Human Lights- app, that allows to support a cause by just one touch of a finger

86% of surveyed young people (18-26 years old) know what Amnesty International is, but don’t know how they can contribute in a simple way without donating. In addition, we found out that current platforms, like Pocket Protest, are too easy to ignore or simply inconvenient.

Creative Concept:
Creating an app, Human Lights, that simplifies advocacy to the touch of a finger. Designed for the digitally-driven generation, the Human Lights app is a more convenient, immediate platform for gathering signatures for petitions, simply by tapping (=lighting) the onscreen candle. Revolutionising signature collection within a secure community, the app represents an innovative, more accessible step in creating a better world.

The audience doesn’t know how they can help Amnesty International. So let’s make it easier for them to help.

I came up with the idea, created the concept and video:


Thomson Holidays

THE BRIEF: Engage people to think about going on a long-haul holiday with Thomson Holidays. The campaign aims owned and earned media, not paid media. 

THE IDEA: Making long-haul travelling accessible to all by combining the pleasure of playing a game and discovering foreign countries and cultures

Thomson holidays is offering 15 long-haul destinations and several long-haul travel packages. People book long-haul holidays in advance and inform themselves about where they want to go and what they want to see.Online bookings are a new trend and more and more people book their long-haul holidays online.

Creative Concept:
Making long-haul travelling accessible to all by combining the pleasure of playing a game with the pleasure of travelling. Players can experience a virtual holiday experience with the “Discover Thomson” long-haul travel game, which is based on Google Street View.Players can wander through the streets of all long-haul destinations offered by Thomson Holidays (15 locations in 15 days) and can win a holiday by collecting Thomson Teddies. Users can can earn more time by sharing individualized postcards on Social Media.

I came up with the idea of creating a game and did research on Thomson holidays, media coverage and online games based on Google Street View


The Scottish Government (Knife Crime)

THE BRIEF: Communicating knife-crime consequences to teenage boys that are on the cusp of carrying a knife

THE IDEA: Real life stories told from family members of knife crime victims and offenders

Teenage boys are not afraid of going to jail, but they care deeply about their mothers/whole family. The key message of this campaign should be that carrying a knife ruins not only the life of the boy, but also the lives of the family members.

Creative Concept:
Tell real life stories from the perspective of family members in an intensely emotional and memorable way. The testimonials are displayed in different shapes of knives.

I  came up with the idea of using real life stories, did research on general knife crime statistics and testimonials

Adshels, billboards and a short-film concept


Creation of AURA WATER

THE BRIEF: Create a new water brand, funded by Edinburgh Napier University

THE IDEA: Social responsibility water, which helps funding higher education for young adults from developing countries

There exist several water brands, which contribute to charities. These charities are focusing on supporting kids in primary schools or are connected to a special University or country. By launching water, which helps fund, any undergraduate and postgraduate study for young adults from developing countries (with the Edinburgh Napier Education Fund), a market gap is filled.

Creative Concept:
Water, called AURA, which helps financing higher education for young adults from developing countries. Explain the audience how they can contribute by buying a bottle of AURA water.

I came up with the idea and concept of funding higher education, did research, defined the overall marketing strategy and wrote copy

Billboards, adshels, in-store promotion and website make-over


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