Amnesty International

THE BRIEF: Make Amnesty International more attractive to 18-26 years old 

THE IDEA: -Human Lights- app, that allows to support a cause by just one touch of a finger

86% of surveyed young people (18-26 years old) know what Amnesty International is, but don’t know how they can contribute in a simple way without donating. In addition, we found out that current platforms, like Pocket Protest, are too easy to ignore or simply inconvenient.

Creative Concept:
Creating an app, Human Lights, that simplifies advocacy to the touch of a finger. Designed for the digitally-driven generation, the Human Lights app is a more convenient, immediate platform for gathering signatures for petitions, simply by tapping (=lighting) the onscreen candle. Revolutionising signature collection within a secure community, the app represents an innovative, more accessible step in creating a better world.

The audience doesn’t know how they can help Amnesty International. So let’s make it easier for them to help.

I came up with the idea, created the concept and video


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