Greyhound Buses (Strategy)

THE BRIEF: In a world where criticism is more prevalent than praise, how do you create consideration and ultimately more sales across the US?

THE IDEA: It is not about places, it is about people. Human Behaviour is dominated by emotions – that is why Greyhound should be directly related to positive emotions, like happiness, love and friendship. 

According to BJ Fogg’s Behaviour Model it needs a Trigger, Motivation and Ability to change human behaviour. Many brands try to achieve consideration by creating emotional connections. Emotions are triggers for human behaviour in everyday life and they play an important role in the decision making process. Guilt is often used to achieve behaviour change.

Chinese term “kenzoku” =  you have to care about your friends and family to keep the bond up. 

Trigger: Online campaign focussing on target-group specific everyday-life situations (missing loved ones abroad). Leading to a personalised map – see friends locations, special offers and incentives, plan trips and send tickets.

Motivation: Greyhound offers the possible to visit loved ones by just one click. Catching up has never been so easy.

Ability: If the motivation is high, ability seems to be secondary. E.g. Money issues: create savings plan, No time: plan holidays in advance,…

I did research on this topic, came up with the idea+strategy and did the following example executions:




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