Client campaigns


TUI Reisen for VisitScotland

The Brief: Making Scotland more attractive to german tourists in 2017 utilising online channels

The Clients: VisitScotland, TUI Reisen, DFDS, Border Railways

The Solution: The 2017 Visit Scotland Solus Campaign in Germany is an inspirational, content driven campaign promoting different articles and videos online to entice customers to visit Scotland in 2017.

My insights: I supported the target group analysis and defined main characteristics, like ‚German tourists like their itineraries‘ and ‚German tourists connect Scotland to fairytales‘. In the next step I was provided with various pictures of Scotland’s sights and landscapes and wrote 2-3 part slogans matching to 2-3 part images. All together I created 6*2 TUI Reisen Banner Ads, 2*2 DFDS Banner Ads, 1*2 Border Railways Banner Ads and various retargeted executions for either of the above.

Banner ads will go live throughout the first half of 2017.

Expedia Hawaii

The Brief: Making Hawaii more attractive for Scottish tourists and ultimately increase bookings for Expedia

The Client: Expedia

The Solution: Discover Your Aloha – Microsite that’s all about Hawaii and your Aloha

My insights: I did research on Hawaii and their culture and came up with various insights, like ‚the word Aloha has different meanings: It can mean a happy greeting, a loving see-you-later and a sweet farewell‘ and was named one of the ‚Happiest states in America‘ (= high well-being). Based on these insights the creative team came up with the idea of creating a video, that detects your smile by utilising the newest facial recognition technology.

Expedia Norway

The Brief: Making Norway more attractive for Scottish tourists and ultimately increase bookings for Expedia

The Client: Expedia

The Solution: Microsite showing Norway’s beauty by telling the story of two Norwegian brothers Odd&Even

My insights: I did research on Norway and their culture and came up with various insights, like ‚Odd and Even are common names for boys in Norway‘ and ‚Norway was ranked the world’s #1 country in the 2014 Prosperity Index for wealth and well-being‘. Together with the creative team the idea of two brothers, named Odd and Even, was created. The idea was presented to the client and he has taken it a step further.

Heathrow Airport

The Brief: Social Bootcamp with best practices for all employees in the Marketing department

The Client: Heathrow Airport

The Solution: 450-slide presentation about social channels, best and worst industry practices and tipps for Heathrow Airport social channels

My insights: I summarised the main advantages and disadvantages of Social Channels, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. I also listed examples, best- and worst practices in the aviation industry and identified main strategies of competitors. Finally, I supported a Senior Strategist to come up with tipps for Heathrow’s social channels and created the final ppt.


The Brief: In 2017 Investec plans to launch a new Website for Structured Products and therefore asked our team to come up with a full analysis of their current Website

The Client: Investec

The Solution: Full Content Audit for Investec Structured Products Webpage

My insights: I created a Content Audit template with a collection of all page sources and contents. I analysed all pages and noted my first impression in terms of usability, accessibility and comprehensibility. In the next step, I supported the team to identify the main target audience for the Webpage and conduct user sessions.


The Brief: AXA reached out to our team for consulting of their UK social channels

The Client: AXA

The Solution: Social Content Audit for AXA UK Social Channels

My insights: I created a Social Content Audit template with a collection of all post sources and contents. I analysed all posts on two main social channels: Facebook and Twitter and came up with a first list of improvements. Together with a Senior Strategist I then created a final document with a Status-Quo analysis, final improvements for each channel and example posts.


The Brief: Vulnerable customers need extra care, especially online. Lloyds asked us what they can do to support them.

The Client: Lloyds

The Solution: A presentation on Vulnerable customers and tipps on how to support them online

My insights: I did research on vulnerable customers and how other banks support them online. I summarised my findings in a final document and also wrote a blog post about it. This was one of my first tasks as an intern before I got promoted to a Junior Strategist.

Link to Blog Post: